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Understanding, Preventing, and Treating Eye Injuries Sustained in the Workplace

Many people believe sight to be our most precious sense. When an eye is injured, it can become irreparably damaged. In some cases, the victim loses part of his or her sight in the eye and in others, the victim loses all ability to see through that eye. Victims of extreme accidents can lose their eyeballs completely, which not only renders them blind but disfigures them.

If your eye was injured in a workplace accident, you may be wondering, “can I get workers’ comp for my eye injury?” Ultimately, yes, you can seek certain benefits for your injury through a workers’ compensation claim. An eye injury that results in “total or industrial blindness” qualifies a worker for a catastrophic designation, which means he or she can continue to receive compensation for medical expenses and wage replacement after 400 weeks through a workers’ compensation claim. Contact a Georgia workers compensation attorney today for a case evaluation and get the help you deserve. 

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Types of Eye Injury that Can Occur in the Workplace

There are many different ways an eye can be injured at work. Examples of accidents that can injure the eyes include:

  • Contact with projectile debris or particles. These can include saw dust, sand, bits of metal, or dust. Larger debris, such as nails, can also come into contact with the eye and cause the victim to suffer an injury;
  • Chemical contact. When a cleaning agent or another harmful substance enters the eye, the victim can suffer an injury;
    Cuts to the eye. Impact with a sharp object or a piece of debris can cut the eyeball or damage the tissue around it;
  • Blunt trauma. When the eye is struck or the worker falls to the ground, he or she can suffer an impact on the face. When the area of the skull around an eye breaks, bone particles can become lodged in the eye or cut it;
  • Radiation and burns. Exposure to ultraviolet light can blind a victim or severely impact his or her vision. Prolonged time in front of a computer screen or another type of monitor can put a worker at an increased risk of suffering from eyestrain, which can be painful; and
  • Infection. This type of eye injury is most common in medical workers because it occurs when contaminated bodily fluids enter the eye.

How to Protect your Eyes from Injury at Work

Wearing protective eye gear is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from suffering an eye injury at work. Be sure to use protective goggles suited to the type of work you do, whether that involves exposure to ultraviolet light or if you are at risk of being injured by projectile bits of metal or wood.

Do not assume that you cannot suffer an eye injury at a desk job. To reduce your chance of suffering eyestrain, look away from your monitor periodically and keep your gaze away for a few minutes at a time. Make sure your workspace is lit properly and that you take steps to minimize glare.

What to Do if you Suffer an Eye Injury

What to do after an eye injury depends on the nature of the injury. If a piece of debris entered your eye, wash the eye out immediately with water to remove any debris from the eye. Do not rub or poke the eye. If this does not cause the debris to leave the eye, cover it and seek medical attention as soon as you can. When a chemical compound or bodily fluid comes into contact with the eye, the worker should follow these instructions as well.

For a cut to the eye, the worker should not flush the eye. Rather, he or she should cover it and seek medical care immediately. Before reaching a physician, the worker should avoid rubbing the eye or attempting to remove any objects embedded within.

When a worker suffers a blunt trauma to the eye, he or she should gently apply a cold compress to the area and seek medical care in the emergency room or from an eye doctor as soon as possible.

With any eye injury, the victim should not apply ointment or any other medical compound to the eye. He or she should seek medical attention, preferably from an ophthalmologist, as soon as possible. Contact a Georgia workers compensation attorney for a consultation today.

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Work with an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Georgia

An eye injury can have permanent complications. If you suffer an eye injury at work, seek medical attention for the injury as soon as you can to ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate medical care. Then, consider working with an experienced eye injury and workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia to pursue benefits like compensation for your medical bills, partial wage replacement, and even job rehabilitation if you qualify. Contact Spillers Law Firm today to set up your free case evaluation with us.

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