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While they do not grab headlines like auto collisions, shootings, and other traumatic events where people are injured or killed, slip and falls are a hazard for all. While most falls only result in a sprained wrist or a sore back for a couple days, it is not uncommon for a bad fall to result in broken bones, chronic pain, or a traumatic brain injury. While we are each responsible for keeping our individual homes safe and walking areas cleared of tripping hazards, when we go into an establishment such as a restaurant or mall, that responsibility falls onto the shoulders of the property or business owner. Was the floor slippery from soap, grease, or water? Was a stairwell poorly lit or lacking a hand railing? To find out if you have a case, you need to talk to a lawyer soon, as the statute of limitations for slip and fall personal injuries is two years in Georgia. Call the Spillers Law Firm today at (678) 208-0800 to talk with one of our Georgia slip and fall attorneys at your soonest convenience.

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The Property Owner’s Legal Duty To Maintain A Safe Establishment For All Invitees

All property or business owners have an obligation to keep their establishment clean, safe, and in proper repair at all times of business hours or whenever invitees (customers or people legally allowed on the premises) are present. If the premises has a slipping or tripping hazard, the store owner has a legal responsibility to take immediate action to clean or clear that hazard. However, this responsibility comes with a degree of reasonability. For instance, if a carton of milk just spilled on the ground a few moments before you slipped and fell, breaking your nose and badly spraining your wrist in the process, you may not have a case, as the time between the milk spilling and the fall may not have been great enough for the store owner, manager, or employee to take care of it. In order to bring a successful slip and fall case to court or seek a settlement out of court, you must be able to prove that:

  • Your injury was caused by a slipping or tripping hazard at the premises;
  • The business or property owner knew or should have known about the hazard; and
  • There was no warning of the hazard and it was not removed or attended to.

Common Injuries Caused by Slip and Fall

Unfortunately, slip and falls tend to cause very serious injuries for a lot of people in Georgia and across the nation. Common injuries caused by slip and falls are listed below:

  • Broken or sprained wrist;
  • Torn ACL tendon, torn meniscus, or torn quadricep tendon;
  • Broken or sprained ankle;
  • Broken forearm, elbow, or fingers;
  • Severed spinal cord and paralysis;
  • Damaged spinal column;
  • Permanent and chronic back pain;
  • Whiplash;
  • Fractured ribs;
  • Face trauma, such as broken nose, jaw, or eye socket;
  • Broken or damaged teeth;
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Lacerations;
  • Deep contusions;
  • Death from one of the injuries listed above; and
  • Other painful injuries ranging from mild to severe.

Depending on your injuries and whether you had to spend a night or multiple nights in the hospital, the financial toll that another’s negligence caused may end up amounting to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The leading causes of bankruptcy, in fact, is suffering a serious medical condition, such as a falling accident. Do not let your financial future get washed down the drain because a business owner cut corners and in doing so, caused you to go to the emergency room. Call a Georgia slip and fall personal injury attorney today to seek the financial compensation that you deserve.

​For Senior Citizens, Falls Are All Too Often Fatal

When a younger or even middle aged person falls, they may suffer a serious injury but the chances of them making a full recovery are pretty good. The same is not true for those over the age of 65. And, in fact, the older the fall victim, the less chance of recovery they have, statistically. After a senior citizen falls, their chances of dying is three times greater than those under 70, according to research done by the University of Mississippi, and reported by More unfortunate statistics are reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has found that 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency rooms across the country on an annual basis for falls alone. And, 95 percent of fractured hips are caused by falls, and possibly even worse than any of that, after a fall an older person is likely to begin limiting their daily activities because they fear falling again. A fall can begin the downward spiral of a senior citizen becoming more and more reclusive as they take every measure possible to stay inside and away from physical activity such as walking or socializing. If your older loved one suffered a fall in an unsafe premises, take action immediately by contacting an attorney. While older people are more prone to falls due to visual impairment and loss of balance, the cause of the fall may not have been their fault at all.

What Financial Compensation Can Do For You After Suffering an Injury From a Slip and Fall

If you suffered a premises slip and fall injury, you may be entitled to the following compensation:

  • Medical bills;
  • Future medical treatment;
  • Lost wages from time off work;
  • Lost future wages if the injury caused a disability;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Property damage if the fall damaged or destroyed property that was on you at the time (such as a cell phone, watch, jewelry, clothing, etc).

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